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Koi filters  v.1.0

koi filters, koi pond and koi pond filters images

Koi pond filters  v.1.0

koi pond filters, koi pond and koi filters images

Harry's Filters  v.4.0

Harry's Filters is a free Photoshop-compatible plugin containing up to 69 effect

DScaler MPEG Filters  v.0.0.8

Free MPEG2 video decoder codec. Install Dscaler MPEG Filters and play MPEG2 (DVD, SVCD) in Windows Media Player or other video players like Media Player Classic, The Core Media Player, Zoom

IE multimedia filters and transitions reference

Multimedia Filters, supported in IE5.5+, allows you to easily add rich visual effects to your content. Defined using CSS and further manipulated using JavaScript, this reference lists and explains all the available IE filters and

Image Filters  v.2.0.3

Allows to filter and enhance all images or a single image. Available filters are: Gamma correction, Auto-Levels, Local Contrast Enhancement, Unsharp Mask, Black & White (Grayscale), Sepia. All filters can be

DirectShow filters for MythTV  v.rc

DirectShow filters that enables playback of MythTV .nuv files on

Doxygen filters  v.

Doxygen filters for these programming languages: R from GNU, q from, MatLab from MathWorks. These programs are implemented in C++ using Flex++. They provide full inline sources not just function

Filters  v.3.3.2009.12

Filters is a image processing library: filter sobel,convolution,morphology,vectorization,segmentation,blob,blur,histogram,susan,threshold,texture,contrast,standard deviation,canny,distance map,matrix,contour,edge,rotation,correlation,gradient

Networks-n-Filters  v.1.1.1

Networks-n-Filters: Design impedance matching circuits (PI, L, and T) and/or filters (LP, HP, BP) passive/active. Characteristics: Butterworth, Bessel, Chebychev. Orders from 1 -- 7. Linux X-11 app, written in C++ with the FOX GUI

Server Side Filters(SquirrelMail Plugin)  v.2.0beta1.1.4.0

This plugin provides an interface in SquirrelMail where users can create and manage their mail filters for use on systems that implement filtering solutions that run on the server at delivery time (e.g., maildrop, procmail, XSLT Filters  v.1.0

It's a open source incubating project of creating XSLT filters for, providing import/export abilities of OOo with other open standards or (information visual) file formats, e.g. Open eBook, XBRL, Diasy Book, RSS, financial reports, ...

SVC Filters (Directshow)  v.1.0

Directshow filters for the Scalable Video Codec (SVC, H.264/AVC Scalable Extension) Encoder, Bitstream extractor and Decoder. These filtes can be used to Create, Extract and Decode SVC bitstreams.

Sherpa Filters  v.0.9.0b

Sherpa enables you to define your own set of rich, powerful email filters to help fight off spam, or just to help organize large amounts of your daily email. It even supports the popular Bayesian type of filtering. Sherpa currently connects to Exchange.

Eudora:Filters  v.1.0

A simple Perl script to manage your Eudora filters.

Evolution filters to thunderbird  v.1.0

Python script to migrate Evolution filters.xml file to Thunderbird msgFilterRules.dat

Open Image Filters  v.1.0

The OpenImage Filter set is a collection of filters for use with Apple's Core Image technology. The primary goal is to replace the standard Apple filters with open versions.

Django-primary-filters  v.0.1.3

django-primary-filters provides some extra filters an.

Django-admin-filters  v.0.1.3

Django Admin Filters

Video Filters for HTML 5 videos(beta)  v.1.0.2

Video Effects Filters for HTML 5 videos.

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